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On this page I will take the time to discuss some of the 'items' that have come to my attention while dealing with this 'issue'.

Just a couple quick thoughts -

The Metro District should focus on the fiscal responsibility the people who purchased these properties 'thought' they were getting when they made their purchase.  Keep their nose out of certain people's personal crusades to inflict their will upon others.

I don't know who is calling the shots, but WE (yes, I am a part of this community no matter how hard some want to get rid of me) need a better shooter - be it singular or plural entities.  A perfect example is during the litigation when we had the mediation.  An important part of what was provided in that service was getting a strength and weakness account from the mediator.  This person has an excellent reputation for seeing how the courts will look at things and deciding how you should proceed.  I found his insight invaluable - and he would give the same information to BOTH sides of the argument as to try to not take up the courts time.  This man was not allowed to talk to the 'defendants' in this case (the Metro Board and the Covenant Board) per the instructions from their counsel...  I have to assume this direction came from a member in the room at the time - or we have a real problem with the ethics of the counsel we have retained to represent the Metro District.

Just wanting to get this up right now...  will add context later.

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