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This is the 'Old List' from when I first did this site - I will be converting it into a catalogue of Documents listed in the TimeLine of Facts over the next week to help folks with documentation.

Blank Proxy - This document is the form to convey your Proxy to Charles Warne and Tracy Ring.  This Proxy may be revoked upon written notice prior to it's execution as prescribed in the document.  You may leave the Legal Description Blank and we will fill it it.  The legal description is not required and only provided as a convenience for the county clerk.

Documents to Convey Enforcement from Melody / DR Horton to the Metro District - The real question here is 'did Melody still have the right to convey authority for a filing in which they did not own property. The Attorney is looking into this now.  This will impact US and Possibly those in Filing 6.  Please look at Exhibit A for more information.  This may also be specific to the wording in the Covenants as to Melody's Authority.

Documents to Convey Covenants to Woodmen Hills Covenant Management Board - This outlines the contract and conditions between the Metro District and the Management Board.

Marked Up Covenants - these have incorporated the changes of the 2 revisions and are current according to the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders Office as of 01/14/2008

Revision Dated 02/18/2003 El Paso County #203034235

Original Covenants Dated 11/09/2000 El Paso County #200136133

Others will be added as needed.


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