The El Paso County Election Department has posted a section on the Woodmen Hills Recall Election.  This is where you need to go to register to vote in this election by mail-in ballot.

Click here to download the form to request a mail-in ballot.  The instructions from the El Paso County Election Department website state:

Select the link below for a mail-in ballot application specifically for the Woodman Hills Metropolitan District Recall Election. You may also use this link to place your name on the Permanent Mail-in ballot list. The completed application may be mailed to: El Paso County Election Department, PO Box 2007, Colorado Springs CO 80901 or faxed to (719) 520-7327.

Download Mail-in Ballot Application

Another important link on this website is Voter Registration Lookup.  Click on this link to verify that you are registered to vote!

This was Plagiarized from Dave Hightower's site.

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